November 27, 2017

Can candidates speed up the hiring process?

Speed up hiring process

Most companies are cautious when hiring technical staff (permanent and even contractors). The time and expense of hiring required to interview candidates, hiring managers want to make sure they are getting the right person, first time, because the cost of re-hiring because they accepted a sub-standard client is substantial.

So can you do anything to speed up the hiring process?

1) At the end of the interview
Congratulations, you secured an interview, this is an excellent opportunity for both parties to find out more about the other.

At the end of the interview, you might ask:

a) “Do you have any concerns about my ability to successfully fill the role?”
b) “Do you have any more questions about my experience”
c) Can you please explain the hiring process, I am keen to become a valued member of your technology team”

At the end of the interview, you want the recruiter to feel that they know you well, your drivers and how you can contribute to the business.

You need to understand the hiring process, especially if this is the first interview, some companies have 3-4 interviews, testing, etc. You need to be prepared to wait a long time before getting that offer phone call, so you need to manage your expectations.

2) Follow up
On completion of the first interview, send an email to the recruiter (internal or external) within 48 hours, thanking them for their time.
Be diplomatic in your email, you want to ask them to pass thanks to the people that interviewed you, outline why you are the best candidate for the role and express how interested you are in the position.

If a week goes by and you have heard nothing, don’t be too dis-hearted, the people interviewing maybe too busy, they may be looking at 4-6 other people and trying to fit them into a busy schedule.
Give the recruiter a call, never ring the hiring manager. Ask the recruiter if you could possibly get an update on the recruitment process.

If another week goes by, give the recruiter another call and ask them if they have any update, ask them if you are a strong contender for the role, if the answer is positive, you are still in the game, if not, move on, there is no use hanging on.

Companies are looking for candidates that show commitment, being asked “do you have any other roles that you are progressing”, is a probing question. Answer “yes, but I see a great benefit in working with (company) and the role is an ideal career progression, I feel I could make a great continuation from day one.”

This shows that you are not waiting around for the employer to call for weeks on end, and if they want you, they have to move quickly. By adding that you would prefer their company and role, demonstrates that you have weighed options up and welcome the opportunity to work with the hiring company.

If you get a rejection from the process, pick yourself up and move on, you can email the recruiter and ask if they could find out any feedback, this will allow you to address any weakness that may have been uncovered during the interview process. Many companies will not give feedback, as they feel that it may upset candidates, accept that it is their prerogative to keep their thoughts.

Move on to the next position, there will be another role that you can apply for, it just wasn’t your time to work for that company.

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