Our process for candidates


1. Upload your resume

Not all of our jobs are advertised, we love to headhunt rather than gather resumes. If you want to stay ahead of game, upload your resume now!! Use the button below to upload as we maybe searching for your skills now.

2. Human aspect

We are geeks and understand technology is not 100% effective, so we actually read resumes rather than using a scanning facility. We respect your time that you have taken to apply, and give feedback.

3. Rockstar Interview

Once we find IT rockstars in the resumes, we get talk to them, as we need work together to benefit our clients. We are looking for the best technology talent in Australia, we have positions at all levels, so get in touch today

4. Your drivers

Unlike Tinder, we look for long term matches, we don’t use a computer system which determines your fate. By understanding you and what drives your career, we can best match the employer and role.

5. Interview

We are there for our candidates throughout the journey, and help you excel at the interview stage. We want to make sure that you understand the role, the company, what they are looking for and how you fit.

6. After the onboarding

Our process doesn’t stop after we place our candidates, we check in with them regularly in the first 3-6 months after hire. We also keep in touch throughout their career, ensuring we are there for their next career step.