November 8, 2017

Melbourne technology & digital salary guide 2017

We have compiled a salary guide for technical and digital professionals within Melbourne, Australia.
This allows our clients to gauge the salary expectations of the Melbourne market when looking to hire or promote internally. It also provides candidates with an indication of what salary range they should be asking for in 2017.
The data has been compiled from placements, surveying business and candidates though a third-party source, and engaging with job boards.
It will be interesting to see how results evolve across the next three years, especially with visa restrictions and shortage of skilled staff coming into play.

Melbourne business landscape

The city of Melbourne accounts for 6% of the Australian Domestic Product. There are over 86,000 jobs related to professional, scientific and technical services, which is around 18% of the total jobs in the municipality.
The state government has invested heavily in infrastructure projects. Housing affordability has been helped with the state government abolishing stamp duty for first time buyers up to $600k.
The technology market in 2017 has moved from mostly permanent roles, to 6 month contracts with further extension or leading to permanent, this is mainly down to business confidence in the economy and government.
In 2017, the 457 visa system was replaced by a new Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa. The 457 visa used to allow employers to sponsor an employee to come to Australia and remain on permanent residency status, leading to citizenship. However, the TSS visa is a two and four year temporary visa, which was introduced to safeguard Australian workers.

While we have taken great care in assembling this guide, it does not reflect sudden market and economic situations. It is a guide to salaries and should be used to gauge the market prices, we hold no responsibility for any loss arising from the use of the data provided in this guide.


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