Our team

Terry Nelson

CTO – Chief Talent Officer

Terry has over 30 years of business acumen and 20 years experience in leading highly skilled technology teams.

He stared his career in aero space manufacturing (ejection seats), then moved to a mechanical design engineering role (mooring systems), designing and implementing projects worldwide. With engagements in the UK, USA, Latin America, India and Africa, he learnt to build trust and engagement quickly with diverse teams.

In 2000 (which sounds futuristic), Terry worked on the implementation of the first 3G network in the world. In 2001, Terry secured a high profile role in the public sector, working on projects such as electronic document management, SharePoint, Joined up Government, Security and Data Protection. He managed highly skilled professional teams (both internal and external) and vendor procurement processes.

In mid 2007, Terry moved to New Zealand to broaden his skillsets and managed the end-to-end IT functions across the North and South Islands for two enterprise companies. He gained significant experience in hiring, dismissals, restructures, redundancies, tribunals and leadership.

Terry relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2010, which is now home. Since 2011 he has managed Talentfish and it’s sister company Volte Consulting, which manages projects, software development and security aspects.

Having worked for a number of companies, where he had relied on a recruiter to provide the best candidate, he found that he was just treated as a pay / bonus cheque for them, they didn’t care about his company culture and finding the right candidate, it was about filling the role quickly and getting paid, this led to Talentfish being formed to provide a cost effective focused solution.

Relationships, trust and teamwork are important to Terry, both from client and candidate sides, he partners with you to find the right fit.

If you would like to discuss a recruitment need or need help with your career / cv, please drop me a line at [email protected] or click the button below to complete an online enquiry.