November 8, 2017

Talentfish – Melbourne IT Recruitment

Talentfish is a recruitment agency based in Melbourne, Victoria.

So what makes us different from all the other recruitment companies based in Melbourne? Our service, commitment, and flexibility to adapt to our clients. Many larger recruitment companies are focused on profit, our clients have told us that they can be changed up to 30% commission for a hire, and that is on the total package, for instance, one of our clients was looking for a senior HR director and charged $50k upfront fee just as a retainer, and then 26% commission on the package, which included the superannuation, car and bonus. Our structure is simple, a low percentage of the base salary only, no upfront fee and 6 months guarantee.

The other issue with general recruitment companies is that they hire junior staff to pre-qualify candidates, and when they come to see clients they don’t understand technology ‘geek’ language, that is another point of difference for us, we are 100% focused on IT recruitment and we get ‘IT’. This allows us to speak to technical leaders about their next hire and pre-qualify candidates, which allows our clients to focus on their business, rather than interviewing poorly pre-screened candidates.

What frustrated me, was the fact that I would spend hours crafting my resume for a role, create a cover letter and hit submit. My documents would rush through the internet (unless you are on ADSL in Melbourne) and hit the recruiters servers. Then the docs would be scanned automatically via an ATS system, and it would look for keywords, 9 times out of 10 it would probably be rejected and I would never hear from them ever again. The odd occasion, the recruiter may get a message saying I matched the brief. They spend 30 seconds reviewing the front page and may get you in for a meeting. The meeting would go like this – a junior has read your resume, and the senior recruiter will sit in the meeting. The senior recruiter will ask you things like “you seem to have a great knowledge in security, why didn’t you get a qualification?” – my reply – “I have highlighted that I have a CISSP, one of the best security qualifications in the world”. Senior recruiter “oh, I haven’t read your resume”.

On the other side, I would have recruiters sending me candidates for roles that they obviously hadn’t met. For one 3rd level role, we interviewed 42 people, what a waste of business productivity.

I learnt from a great recruiter in New Zealand, he explained that he wanted to be an extension of my team, he understood my drivers, my strategic approach and what I was looking for, he even pushed me to interview a candidate that I had no role for and we ended up creating a role as he was amazing, and still is today.

So yes there are some great recruiters out there, but most are happy with gathering rather than hunting for the talent.

Our business philosophy is built on Good to Great by Jim Collins, he emphasises that it is crucial to continuously ask “First who, then what?”

You are a bus driver. The bus, your company, is at a standstill, and it’s your job to get it going. You have to decide where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and who’s going with you.

Most people assume that great bus drivers (read: business leaders) immediately start the journey by announcing to the people on the bus where they’re going—by setting a new direction or by articulating a fresh corporate vision.

In fact, leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with “where” but with “who.” They start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. And they stick with that discipline—first the people, then the direction—no matter how dire the circumstances.

Talentfish ensures you have the right people in your technology team, in the right seats.

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