Cost effective technology innovation leaders

The technology sector is continually changing at a rapid pace, and utilising new technology to stay ahead of your competitors may be the difference between being a leader vs a follower in your sector.

Interim IT Managers assist our clients to navigate challenging situations, usually on a short time contract, but up to 3 year fixed term. Our interim IT management can assist clients in a variety of ways:

  • Short term cover of current IT management from sickness, maternity, secondment, dismissed or leaving for a new role
  • Assist current IT Management due to mergers or large change programs
  • Business intelligence – management of BI based projects
  • Re-engineering – manage change programs to ensure your IT management stay focused on BAU
  • Business growth – build new teams, divisions and products to enable rapid business growth without committing FTE posts
  • CRM – building and managing your customer portfolio and identifying business touch points
  • Outsourcing – management of your outsourcing programs, from software development through to cloud strategy

Our Interim solutions give clients access to senior professionals who bring new fresh ideas and build competitive advantage to any industry, without committing to a FTE position.